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In recent years, the popularity and acknowledgment of women's football have notably increased, establishing a distinct presence in the sports world. The upcoming 2024/25 season offers a fantastic chance for businesses to connect with this rapidly expanding market by sponsoring Stanway Pegasus Women.

Ride the wave of  women's football growth!

Women's football is breaking barriers and capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. By sponsoring us, your brand can join the wave of this growth and connect with a diverse and passionate audience. With Stanway Pegasus Women making strides in the sport, aligning your company with a us can associate your brand with progress, empowerment, and inclusivity.

Increasing Brand Visibility

Sponsoring us provides exceptional brand visibility, particularly in today's digital media era. With the widespread use of social media platforms, content can be instantly shared worldwide. Your brand will be exposed to not only the clubs audience through Stanway Pegasus Women's social media channels but also the local area.

Engaging with the Local Community

By sponsoring a women's football player in the local community/ the team, your business can establish a special connection with the people of Colchester and Essex on a more personal level. This initiative allows your brand to demonstrate its commitment to the local community and its residents.

Capitalizing on Long-Term Partnerships

Sponsoring us for the 2024/25 season presents an opportunity for forging enduring partnerships. With the ongoing growth and transformation of women's football, your brand has the chance to play a significant role in this progression. Forming a lasting connection with the team and its players may result in prolonged sponsorships and collaborations that extend beyond a single season.
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You don’t have to be a worldwide brand to sponsor here at Stanway Pegasus Women!
We offer a variety of sponsorship packages tailored to meet your business requirements and budget.
Complete the form below and lets growth together.
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Player Sponsorship


Training Sponsorship

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Match Day Sponsorship

Player Sponsorship
£150 inc VAT per player
All player sponsorships are valid for one season only, August 2024 until April 2025.
  • Company or individuals name on the players profile at

  • Link through to your company website on the player profile page.

  • Company or individuals name on all of your sponsored players graphics.

  • Mentions and tags when your sponsored player scores goals, achieves player of the match ect across all social media platforms.

  • Annoucement of company or individuals name with the sponsored player across all social media platforms.

  • First refusal on your player for the next campaign if they are still at the club.

Other Sponsorship

We offer a variety of sponsorship packages tailored to meet your business requirements and budget. Complete the form to see how we can support each other, lets growth together.

Please complete the form below and we will be in contact!

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